Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Meeting edison

We belong to a homeschool science club. It's like a giant library of educational science gear and DVD's. We choose what set we would like to borrow for the term. It's a great way to explore cool stuff without the huge outlay of buying it. Jed chose the theme of robotics for this term. I have been learning alongside him. We have the Edison robot for another few weeks, and we're going to be sad to see him go. The Edison folks are on a mission to make robotics accessible for everyone and so Edison is the most affordable on the market. We're talking $75 NZ as opposed to the three hundred plus the Lego Mindstorms gear costs. Edison comes with clear, easy to follow directions and once you get the hang of the preprogrammed tricks he gets up to, you can get into programming him yourself. 

Edison really is all kinds of awesome. And did I mention Edison is lego compatible? Yup. Very cool. I know. If you're looking for a different kind of gift these holidays, Edison could be it. If I had a tip, it would be to get two, especially if you have two kids or more. Or, like me, you'd like a go too. Plus, then you can battle in the robot arena. You have been warned!

Friday, November 20, 2015

dog happy

There is no happy like dog happy. Give the dude off leash time on the beach and life is good. Throw a ball into the mix, or a stick or a piece of kelp and sheesh, he has it made. We love him so much.
This little guy is all grown up now. 10 months old and his puppy days behind him. He's just the best thing. Kinda like having a kid, except it goes much faster and you can chuck them out on the deck if they go all crazy. Best thing!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

scooters and skateboards

Along with the picnic blanket, water, spare clothes and shoes that live in the boot of my car, there are various wheels. A scooter or two, helmet and skateboard usually travel with us too. I find it amazing that even though too tired to handle errands or anything much, energy can still be found to go scooting or skate at the bowl. It's a bit like what I imagine dessert to be like for kids...'too full' to finish their main course but stunning recovery when it comes to dessert. Not that we have dessert except for special occasions but you get what I mean. It's magic whatever it is. 
And why two scooters you ask? Well, one might be for a friend, or if I am lucky, for me. In Wellington we saw plenty of adults scooting their way to work. My favourites were the dude who had bungy corded his briefcase to the handlebars and the woman in the full skirted long vintage dress. It was so windy that her skirts were whipping all around and you couldn't see the scooter at all, she was just hovering, covering the ground super fast. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

a different pace

Every now and then I get a glimpse of the young man Jed will be. The baby/toddler/and young child days are long gone. He is doing more activities than ever before, taking on more responsibilities, is more focussed and needing time with friends more. Being out in the world more. It's that 8/9 year old developmental shift. I am finding it hard to find time for work in this new term. With all the taxi driving I do for him at the moment. The work gets done but things have shifted and I have been a bit slow to make changes to compensate. Parenting is like that isn't it? Or life in general. You get comfortable, think you have it down and go into cruise mode only to have things get all shaken up and you scramble to sort it all out again. Keeps me on my toes!

This little skink hung out with Jed for hours. He or she is one of a colony of them living under our sleepout and in the vegetable gardens. The wildlife around us gives us so much pleasure. We were watching some baby blackbirds follow parents around today, so funny to see. Gotta love springtime. x

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I learn a lot from the sea and it's shores.  It is constantly changing. The colours, the waves and tides and what the high tide brings to lay upon the sand. I can never predict what the sea will do. Bit like life really. 
The other day we went down with Phoenix the dog and were baffled by some of the tidal offerings. Not the usual on our beach at all. Jed was very taken with this jawbone he and Phoenix found. He thought it might have been a whole new species. Exciting indeed!

The thing I like the most about the sea is that I can never leave the beach in a bad mood or upset. Something about being the face of such wildness and largeness that has human preoccupations, large though they might be, shrink back down into perspective.