Tuesday, October 21, 2014

nzsale outfit post

You all know like to buy secondhand or make my own clothes, right? Well, sometimes, when I have been looking for a specific basic piece of clothing I might consider shopping new. Shocking I know. What was even more shocking was looking around in the shops for the first time in a long time...the prices out there! I saw a pair of jeans with holes in them for $200! Okay, I'll stop channeling my nana. 

Seriously...I don't like buying new in stores and had been looking around online when I got an email from nzsale.com. Would I like to trial shopping with them? I had just opened their site open at the time that email flew into my inbox. Serendipity in action I thought. Er, yes please! They gave me $100 credit for the pleasure. Looking around their website, I saw that $100 could go a very long way. Nzsale is a time limited clearance sale website for a changing host of designers and labels. Everything from kids toys, clothing for the whole family, skincare, houseware, and more in between. It really is quite amazing. 

Where did my $100 go? There was so much to choose from. I found two classic black shirts from Zara, two pairs of boyshort underwear from Jockey woman, Bonds grey marle skinny leg sweat pants, and a stunner of a long sleeved dressy chiffon top from Esprit. 

The black shirt below is one of my favourites. It is a cotton/rayon blend at the front and a knit jersey with a zip on the back. Simple classic design and perfect for our NZ spring/summer season. 

My verdict? I'll be back to nzsale when I need something. For sure. 
My advice is to not get overexcited and ask yourself if you really love the item/s before you click buy. There is a high turnover rate on nzsale, if you are looking for something specific, monitor the site until it comes up. You can't try things on so check the sizing charts out and be aware that some items might not be exactly what you imagined them to be. Be open minded, this can be a good thing. The Zara shirt I love the most isn't at all what I would have ordered, but I love it the most. 

You can check out nzsale HERE. 
Have fun out there folks. x

The jeans (because I know some of you will email and ask!) are Top Shop Baxter skinny jeans, the boots are Funki clog boots from a few seasons ago, both get worn A LOT!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Mind Lab

One of our homeschooling groups had a day at Unitech's Mind Lab in Central Auckland last week. Wow. I have to admit, it takes a lot for me to be impressed with courses for kids these days...but both Jed and I were wow'ed out by Mind Lab. 
The kids divided up into two groups. One group did 3-D modelling and Jed's group did a day of science. He had a BLAST.

The days work focused on force and pressure. There was a lot of laughter, respectful fun banter with the kids, and a whole eon of learning with hands-on experiments. The mix of concepts, talk and letting the kids get on with it was perfect. Plus, there was the thrill of making rockets that exploded up and hit the ceiling...what's not to like?!

The whole feel of the place is one of space, light, and just general coolness. It's a great place to be. I must have taken 100 photos. 

It reminded me of the Small Poppy sessions Jed did for years with the GEC. I haven't seen him that excited and comfortable in a class situation since then. He's asked if he can go back every week and was very disappointed when I explained it was only a day programme. Perhaps there is a fortnightly class for homeschoolers we could organise. (The Mind Lab does run an after school programme, but it would leave us in town at peak hour traffic. As it was, it took us 2 hours to get there in peak morning traffic. Not something I want to repeat on a regular basis. One of the things I love about homeschooling is that we get to scoot around the horrendousness of our cities traffic situation by choosing to travel off peak.)

The Mind Lab crew has just won a prestigious Innovation award. I can see why. That's all over their facebook page HERE. You can get a sense of how much fun those folks are!

Apart from their courses and classes for kids, The Mind Lab is a specialist digital education lab for kids, grown ups and everyone in between. They are also doing a fabulous and much needed job in training teachers up to be digitally literate and might I say, creatively kick- ass. 

Not only is Mind Lab a great place to be, they have excellent coffee on the premises, in the form of Coffee General. You may not know this about me, but I love my coffee. More on them shortly. They deserve their own post. Those folks know what they are doing.

Thank you Mind Lab, and especially Chris, for putting so much fun into opening kids up to the wonders of the world of science and technology. Nice work Mind Lab!

Friday, October 17, 2014

South Island cousins

A four metre high pile of dirt, some old nails,a few sticks and three kids. Recipe for happiness. It was so cool seeing the Queenstown cousins. They just spent all day doing their thing. No fancy outings required.

We did make it up the gondola. And the more brave of heart spent a good hour going up the chairlift and hooning it down on the luge. The gentler of souls hung out with the elders and the youngest. That'd be me. This time anyway. The occasion of us all getting together? Grandpa turned 80! We had the most amazing long lunch at Amisfield vineyard. I have never tasted food like that. I do come from a working class family in a fairly poor area and didn't know there were different types of cheeses until my late teens, but still. Food. Was. Amazing. A culinary adventure and a very memorable birthday for a special man. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

further south

We're just back from a trip to Queenstown in the South Island. It was all sorts of wonderful. I worked remotely while away so it wasn't truly a holiday and am in that phase of just unpacked, really enjoying being home but feeling kinda swamped in all the goodness of the week ahead. Reminding myself to take deep breaths every now and then and remember to take breaks and play along the way too. It doesn't help that I sound like I have been on the whiskies and cigarettes all night. I haven't! Must've picked some lergy up on the plane. Boo! 

There will be more stories of the trip to come. I haven't quite 'unpacked' all the photos yet either. Here is the view from our window in Sunshine Bay. Not bad huh?! 

It was Jed's grandpa's 80th birthday. Pretty special to have all the family there. Have to take every opportunity to get the cousins together...we live so far apart. 

Oh, that view! Much time was spent just gazing out that window. So much better than TV.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Every year when our spring seeds start to germinate, there is same pause. An intake of breath. A moment of wonder. A heartbeat of gratitude for the simple miracle of a seed beginning to grow and reach for the light. Go little radishes, go!