Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remembering to be

 I am in familiar territory. Busyness. I have been striving for simplicity, sure, but sometimes it just isn't possible. Or life conspires otherwise. And I just make do. Take some deep breaths along the way. And find rest where I can. The pace is slowing a bit and for that i am grateful. I have a small one who really doesn't do well with a crowded busy life, beautiful or not. And I was starting to feel overwhelmed with the lists of things to do whirling in my mind but not actually getting to tick anything off. Now i am getting a grip on things: orders to make up, deliveries to get out, pitching for more writing work, planning the years workshops.
I could keep going, plans are exciting no? I'm still on that New Year vibe...but instead i'll wind down for a rare early night and share a trick with you. Once a day i try to let it all go. Whether that be lounging on the deck with my boy, running a deep bath, lighting a candle in my room, sewing something fun or just sitting and remembering to breathe. Or, going down to the beach or stream and leaving all the worries about houses, money, fertility struggles, learning journeys for small people and the logistics of juggling all that we mama's do...yup, leaving all that behind.

...and go with the flow instead.
 Letting my mind relax and let the tumbling thoughts go into the water, let the wind smooth the furrows in the brow and just make, be, play.
 I have the best of guides in this journey or remembering how to be mindful.
An expert in the field of 'Be Here Now'.
It's so good what we have. I am truly blessed.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

first kraftbomb of the year

 I've gone pretty deep into my retro revival jag lately. This is my latest thrift store find. A fun summer dress for sure. Handmade way back in the seventies...it's as old as i am!
I have been sewing like a fiend, in between bouts of mama duty and eating and other such essentials. Tomorrow is the first Kraftbomb market of the year! I have been so busy lately that i got a shock when i looked at my stock a week ago and realised how low i was. Eek. Some new acquisitions of vintage and retro fabrics, loud sing-along sort of music and a few new designs have made the ensueing sewing frenzy alot of fun.

Auckland folks: Kraftbomb can be found at Grey Lynn Community centre in Auckland from 11-2. Very civilised hours. there's a great playground out back if you bring kidlets...or sneak off by yourself and come say hi.
See you then.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

science at home

 Jed has always loved 'mixing'. Setting him up with a bowl of dried peas and a wooden spoon when he was very wee has evolved into many mixes over the years. Some pretty disgusting, some pretty edible, some left to steep and stagnate so we could observe what happens when things go off.
 Our 'Lets Explore Science' book set, bought at the local thrift store, remains popular. Today Jed observed what happens when he mixed different things in water. One mason jar had warm water in it, one was plain tap water. First he added ice cubes to each jar. He observed the different rates of melting. Then he put in black tea bag once the ice had melted. The jar with the warm water in it diffused the tea into the water at a much higher rate than the cold water jar.
He then chopped off some chunks of butter and threw those in.
It's kinda like advanced gloop play. Experiments got a lot more complicated after this...notes were taken, a speech was given about the different findings and plans were made for future scientific exploration.
Sometimes Mama is around for these science extravaganza's, other times i set him up and go work and come back for a report of his findings. Either way, its alot of fun.
 Doesn't he have the best workspace?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

{this moment} - only slightly belated

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

on our way to the wedding on waiheke island...my sweet boy (don't tell him i called him 'sweet'!)

Amanda Soule is the instigator to the Friday ritual of 'this moment'...click on over to see her special moment - then scroll down to be linked to more....HERE

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

waiheke wedding

 I am wired. I am sitting here twitching, drinking my herbal tea. Dosing myself into calm. Do you ever get wired after a super busy time? It's a beautifully crowded life sometimes. A high class problem i know, but still, a far cry from the simple life i strive for. It's been busy. I got alot of time to think yesterday -finally, waiting by the side of the road next to my sad gasping car, waiting for the tow truck. Gotta be careful what you ask for folks!
 Twitches aside, we are just back from a lovely weekend over on Waiheke Island - a ferry ride from Auckland city harbour. I had forgotten how nice it was over there. Slower, less cars, (more of them that look like mine!), and we got to witness a friends beautiful wedding set in the islands oldest vineyard and olive grove.
I was very proud of the little one, who chose his own outfit with great care, who didn't know many people, or what to expect and who made new friends and rode the entire six hour celebration like a pro.
 He realised, partway through the reception, that the surrounding olive trees held treasure: the abandoned skins of cicadas. It wasn't long before the ghostly cicada's came in their hundreds and all the other kids joined in too until every table had it's own army of cicadas.
 I hope the waitstaff weren't squeamish!
We squeezed in a swim too. Tired and all. And it struck me: how very lucky we are to live here with all this on our doorstep. I am grateful. And looking forward to a quiet day at home tomorrow. Hope your summer (or winter for those of you in that 'other' hemisphere) brings you the beautifully crowded fun bits and the balancing peaceful pottering at home times too. xx

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the importance of play

 Picture a little head popped up out of this wave, determinedly riding it in to shore. Yup. (And, not to worry, we know these are dangerous waters...we always swim between the flags and mama is always backstop).

People smile when they see the small one in the waves. His face is all lit up. He is pure life in the water.
 And after a swim, a little surf lifesaving. Those mama-made surf lifeguard shorts are several years in the wearing now. They definitely win the 'best loved mama made item of clothing' award.
 We were metres away from a pretty nasty surf accident yesterday. Jed wanted to go home after that. He didn't want to talk. I didnt push him, i told him i wanted to support him however i could and was here when he wanted to ask any questions. He played surf lifesaving rescue scenario's over and over last night and from first thing this morning.
I am reminded of how kidlets process trauma, or make sense of the world...they play. That's their work. They re-enact, they explore, they nut it out however they can in their play. It's pretty awesome to witness.
We were back at the beach today, same spot where the accident happened and Jed was ready to talk. He talked and talked and was asking about the guy who was hurt, whether his legs were working again yet. It being a pretty small community out here, we found out he's okay. The surf lifesavers were amazing...they are only young fella's but sheesh, those dudes are well trained and do such a fantastic job.
Swim between those flags folks!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

kereru carousing

 For those of you not familiar with New Zealand native birds...this one is like a bus in flight. You can hear them flying from ages off. They are big and used to be much prized in the pot. Hence their old name, 'mutton bird'.
 It's a kereru. Or Kukupa in Te Reo Maori. The New Zealand Wood Pigeon.
 We see and hear them alot here on the edge of the bush. The whole area here is a national park.
But this time of the year you can get up close. They are drunk. Yup. Loudly and Unashamedly plastered on fermented kawakawa and cabbage tree berries.
I was waving my camera in this one's face, just above our deck and i am not sure it even registered i was there. Bit of a worry really. I hope the cats are still busy keeping the rat population down. Life in the bush aye...always something to do.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CD cases...vintage style (of course)

Oh my. I hit the 'upgrade to new blogger thingummy' button yesterday and it's a bit rocky going as i learn my way around. Bear with me. And block your ears, there's been a few less than savoury words flying 'round. Ahem.
Anyway, where was i? Oh yes, this here is my latest design. Hot off the sewing machine for your perusing pleasure.
Like most of my designing, it was born of necessity. A lovely trader on trademe (NZ's equivalent of ebay) had sent the entire collection of thunderbirds DVD's along with a little purchase i had made. (er, lets save the whole screentime in our household rant for another post hey?)
I wanted them to look nice when the small unwrapped his thunderbirds package for Solstice/Christmas so i sat down to design him a case to put all eight DVD's in.

I really like how Jed's one turned out.
Everyone and their dog has commented on the case, loving it, so i set to work making up a few more.
Great for popping in your bag on car trips, to protect your discs and they're easier to get out while your driving. They make a lovely gift.
Ours are in high rotation here in the GrowMama household.
I just listed on in the GrowMama felt store HERE. Now, if someone'll just pay me to design cool stuff, or write tutorials to make them...i'll be set! On the look out for more paid work based from home...watch out world. (And any suggestions gladly welcome).