Thursday, February 23, 2017

summer shoes

My favourite shoes this summer. I had been eyeing some Saltwater sandals online but they were way too much money for me to justify buying them. The next day I was at a school fair and there was a pair, brand new and in my size, at one of the clothing stalls. I did a little happy dance and they were mine. They've been on all sorts of little adventures this summer. They've been well worth the $35.

I am kinda glad the weather hasn't been great. I have been working too much and hot weather makes that hard to do. I work from home and my office is upstairs. It gets stuffy up here. 
I had been dreading the start of term one. I knew if I struggled to balance work commitments with everything else it would be clear in the first weeks of term. I was right. I am doing too much. It's not just time really. One of my jobs has been stressful and that's oozed out into everything else. Jed and I got out our weekly planner and mapped out all of our commitments (not including things like oh, eating well) and I am not sure how I have been doing it. Morphing time itself I think. We've simplified but it's not enough. There will be some changes coming up. I keep coming back to the thought, 'It's great to have choices'. Those saltwater sandals need to go on more adventures and perhaps another festival before the summer is out!

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