The Dress Up Box


Our dress up drawer gets alot of traffic from the kids...even the mama has been known to dip in there. Bits and pieces of these fabulous finds and creations make it onto the blog. I have fielded so many questions about where we got various dress ups, what exactly our dress up kit contains, or how i made the i have made it a bit of a series this winter. I have some lovely guest posts from some crafty blogland ladies coming up so stay tuned.

I will list the different Dress Up Box blog posts here so you can always find your tutorial or inspiration.
Here we go!
The Dress Up Box - where it all begins

Gabrielle's katipo costume - the Dress up Box

If you want to contribute a guest post for the Dress up Box series, send me your dressing up stories or a costume tutorial,  i'd love to hear from you.
Much love, Anissa

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