Sew Fun

The Sew Fun co-operative is for folks who love to craft.
It was founded by Angela Carter and I three years ago and turned co-operative in 2013.
Toys, Clothes, Undies, name it, we make it!

We get together locally every month for a Sew Fun craft retreat. Everyone brings some food, teas and coffee to share.
We come, we chat, we sew. Or knit. Anything crafty is welcome.
It is good times. A bunch of informal crafty learning happens organically which is very cool. Folks used to learn these skills from their families but many people don't have that available to them now.

Sew Fun workshops happen from time to time. These are more formal learning opportunities where folks come and learn to sew with us. There is alot of laughter. A kick ass morning homemade morning tea and you walk away with one of three projects we offer. Made, by your very own self! And empowered to go on making (and making, and making...some of us get slightly obsessional, warning!).
We provide all fabric etc. Oh yes, and we have to confess to a definite upcycling, retro or vintage edge to our work.

Email c/o the blog here for the next Sew Fun Retreat or workshop dates.
Check out the Sew Fun facebook page HERE.

You can find Angela Carter's lovely blog, Mermaid's Purse HERE.

Happy Crafting y'all!

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  1. Oh my goodness WOW now that looks like A LOT of fun!
    I've 'liked' over on FB